About Arihant Awakenen

ArihantAwakenen is the coming together of two like-minded individuals who aim to transform lives and help people become the best version of themselves!

It is the outcome of the association between Mr. Amar Parekh and Mr. Mukund Chauhan which is fuelled by the passion to impact lives of people in a way that makes their life successful, happy and fulfilling. 

Motivational, inspirational, understanding, caring and transcendental are just a few words that aptly define ArihantAwakenen.

About Mukund Chauhan

Mr. Mukund Chauhan is an established Life & Leadership Coach and Inspirational Speaker. With extensive training experience since last six years, he has successfully trained more than 5000 people from all walks of life including corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professionals and students.

Mr. Chauhan believes that his workshops, seminars, training and coaching are an outcome of his deep understanding of the human mind and behaviour combined with his practical life experience. He helps people to develop leadership skills by using practical tools. His  workshops and coaching skills are purely the outcome of his passion for learning about other successful people , attending workshops and learning through books, audios, videos and interviewing them.

He started his career as a part of the sales process at a BPO where he worked hard and achieved a senior position. He then worked at MLM, which is where his learning of inspiring people to take action and live their dream began! He has also worked as a sales manager with Kotak life insurance. He channels all this professional experience of Sales & Leadership as well as his life experience in the workshops and one on one coaching that he conducts.

He says  “ I passionately believe that one can achieve extraordinary success and happiness by tapping into our own potential! ”

Having  trained approximately 3000 people in sales , he is passionate abuout work and life and believes great achievements involve great risks. He himself left his job a to pursue life coaching as he felt it would give great meaning to his life and the life of others.

He also helps entrepreneurs and businessmen to run their businesses successfully. He is of the opinion that your business grows as much as you grow and believes in helping people to grow from within by using practical and  simple tools which help people realise what they can achieve.

About Amar Parekh

Mr. Amar Parkeh is a visionary and a highly inspired entrepreneur who started his career working with his father in the cotton waste business, which helped him acquire the relevant business skills. In 2005, he enrolled in a spiritual personality development course, which had a life altering effect on him. He started his own business – Arihant Matteress 11 years ago and has become one of the pioneers of the mattress industry today. Mr Parekh has been at the forefront of introducing various innovations like the sleeping gallery concept, orthopaedic mattresses and memory foam mattresses for the masses to the Indian market; he is also the only lecturer on mattress science in India!   

With more than 50,000 satisfied customers across communities like the Kachhi, Marwari & Gujarati community; Arihant Mattress today contributes significantly to the turnover of the Mattress industry. Besides mattresses, Mr Parekh has multiple business verticals like interiors and furniture making, mattress and sofa cleaning and more.

Arihant Mattress, which had humble beginnings is one of the leading brands today due to the efforts and extraordinary vision of Mr Amar Parekh.